According to interests

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By publishers content

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Content targeting allows you to show your ads according to the content of the websites. This means that the ad can be targeted by the URL, for example, if the word in the article or forum link refers to the word: trip, it’s possible to show the advertisement in the context of such an article / forum. This form is called contextual advertising, when your services or product advertising is appearing in your preferred content.


By actions

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This service offers the ability to reach Internet users who have already been involved with your ads or have visited your website. This is a way to continue communicating with your existing and potential customers. For example, if a user has seen a promotional banner but did not click on it, the banner could be displayed repeatedly. However, if he/she saw and clicked on an advertisement, then it may be preferable to display other visual banner ads. We can collect data about users that have visited your product or service website and show ads exclusively to them across the entire Adnet Media network.

GEO targeting

By cities

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This provides the opportunity to show ads only in specific cities and their regions: in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, etc. This is a relevant solution for those who offer services in a particular area and only want to reach people in the surrounding region.


By gender

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This allows you to target ads by the user’s gender. It gives you the freedom to apply different creative solutions or suggestions.


By age

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This solution allows you to categorize the targeted audience by age. This categorization is especially accurate because registered user data can be used. Otherwise, Gemius Audience research data can be used to distinguish those pages that are most often visited by the age group of your target audience.


By time of day

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This creates the ability to display ads during a certain hour. This can help you customize various creative choices that users will see in different daytime hours and enables you to reach a wide audience in a short period of time when you need to deploy a hit advertising campaign.


By weather (Adnet & Gismeteo)

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This solution offers the ability to display different visualizations for your advertising according to the predicted weather. The potential criteria for the ad that will be chosen to display can be precipitation, cloudiness, or the temperature. For example, we can arrange for ice cream advertising to only be shown when the temperature forecast is higher than 20Co and there is no rain.

Operating System

According to operating system (OS)

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OS targeting allows advertisers to target to users that use a specific operating system on their device. It can be used for desktop or laptop computers (Windows, Mac OS) but it is especially precious for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile etc.).