Ad banners

Visual solutions of different sizes and positions in the website environment. You can choose the standard ad positions that are loaded along with the content of the page and will remain there until the next reload. Alternatively, active advertising banners (rich media formats) transmitted with animation can attract more attention. One example would be an ad banner that comes up from the bottom, expands when the mouse pointer moves over it, and so on.

Interactive banners with a registration module

A creative banner solution that engages an online user in a game or sale while collecting the participant’s registration and contact details. This is an especially effective solution for those who want not only to promote their brand, but also to stand out and surprise their consumer and help the consumer remember the product or service being offered.


The opportunity to send newsletters directly to the registered users of certain pages, thus reaching the faithful audience of a website with a targeted message. The number of hits is fixed, so it’s possible to evaluate the relevance of the promotional message.

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The possibility to publish your article and photos on a selected page. This is an effective solution if your service or product requires a thorough explanation, works through the distribution of information and news, or is not an instant offer. For example, this is the right solution for continuing education services.

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Content Marketing Projects

These are comprehensive offers for the online distribution of advertising, which includes not only the distribution of advertisements on the Adnet Media network, but also the creation of a creative project page and banner ads, the publication of articles, the management of a digital game, the collection of a registration / contact database, communication with game winners, etc. Adnet Media will help you refine your business goals and achieve them through creative online advertising solutions while developing the content of marketing projects that will create added value for your brand.